Strategic Statement & Overview of Objectives

Strategic Statement


As a relatively new organisation, our focus will be three-fold:


[1]        Developing and improving the organisation structures, process and systems, including policies and procedures using know good practices and frameworks.  As well as improving our understanding and methodologies of how best to engage with and deliver with our communities.


[2]        Developing a range of projects across our core themes as follows:

  • Projects that provide education, training and skills for professional and personal development;
  • Initiatives to support economic prosperity, in particular those that introduce skilled careers and map progression paths;
  • Services and projects that support the involvement of women, children and pensioners
  • Services and projects that target refugees and asylum seekers
  • Programmes that engage with the youth, in particular those that guide and direct young people away from gang culture, criminal activity and disengagement from society or self-imposed disenfranchisement.
  • Services and projects that encourages community cohesion and social inclusion, in particular building better relationships between older members and the youth.


[3]        The development of local and strategic partnerships to bring about innovation and change in the delivery of quality and effective services to BME communities.  Furthermore, these partnerships will create the means to pool knowledge, experience and resources.


In the development of our strategic statement we will be proactive in learning from the public and private sector in delivering services and projects, in particular seeking innovation, simplicity and marketing.


Strategic Objectives


Drawing from our strategic statement, we have identified 5 core objectives that we will focus on until December 2019



Structure, Process and Systems

We will strengthen our management committee with additional members from within the community who possess the relevant skills and capabilities to deliver our vision.


We will have a minimum of 50 active volunteers ensuring both genders are represented and across a broad age range, who volunteer a minimum of 3 hours per week.

Community Focus or Development Groups

We will support at least 200 local community representatives to actively participate in a range of focus groups that we will establish.  The purpose of these focus groups will be to help develop, design, implement and evaluate our services and projects; across our key themes such as learning, employment, health and community cohesion.

Development of Services and Projects

We will secure partnerships and resources in the development of services and projects that support our communities in the following areas learning, employment, health and community cohesion.  In particular those communities who are most disadvantaged such as refugee and asylum seekers, women and children, young people and people over the age of 65

Partnership Working

Working beyond the services and projects we deliver to our communities, we believe to secure sustainable change we have to develop quality and meaningful partnerships with other interested stakeholders and move away from a competitive or an isolation mindset.


This will be achieved via a three-tier approach:


  • Bringing the voices of BME community providers together, in particular grass-root organisations to offer a collective approach on how best to deal with prevalent issues of disadvantage.


  • Developing networks and grass-root forums consisting of beneficiaries and interested parties to represent themselves and to have their voices heard directly by service providers and policy planners.


  • Working with and involving established providers and agencies to look at new ways to work with disadvantaged communities to ensure services and projects have a meaningful input from local communities and implement sustainable change.