The backbone to The REES Initiative is our ability to lead not just others but ourselves to realise potential.  When an individual initiates the journey of personal mastery to change his or her life, he or she has a direct and indirect influence on those around them.  Therefore and foremost, it is the responsibility of directors, staff and volunteers to set an example of personal leadership, in particular that of servant or transformational leadership.

Leadership is a quality that is not restricted to an environment or situation.  We know we are succeeding when our beneficiaries take the qualities and traits of leadership back to their families and their communities.

At The REES Initiative, everyone has a leadership role to play and to actively contribute to the success of the organisation and we all take pride individually and collectively in aspiring to deliver our Vision.

Leadership is the first step to the final pillar we aspire to, that of sustainability or continued change for the better, in those we serve.