“Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me and I will understand.”


The REES Initiative is a registered Community Interest Company, established by local people in 2015 to help local people to help themselves.Initially, we were a grassroots group working with other providers as and when we could deliver a project or service that we the local people needed.The more we did the more we realised the breadth and depth of the unspoken need in our community, how so many local people were suffering in silence and increasingly being isolated.As you will discover through the pages of our website, our purpose or why we exist, can be simply put as our desire to ‘help our communities to help themselves’. We passionately believe, if we are going to make any long term sustainable change we cannot act upon our communities but act with our communities; to work with them in the development and management of all our services and projects.


These communities require support in a number of areas to integrate and settle and one such area is utilising skills and experience to find appropriate work. In many cases the support they require is confidence building and ‘hand holding’ to guide them towards meeting their need.
Naima is a migrant from Italy, originally from Somalia moving into the area in early 2015. She is a single mum with two young children, aged 6 and 7 and was keen to provide for her children and start a career.

Naima  was referred by another member to the organisation, seeking help with her children’s schooling and employment. She enrolled on to a health and social care course and after completing this she went on to, two further short courses in safeguarding children and a paediatric first aid course. The organisation then helped her with developing her C.V. and finding a job. She secured employment with a local organisation as a Social Career and also volunteered to support the organisation and is currently a member of the Management Committee.

“If my friend had not referred me to The REES Centre, I would still be confused and very unsettled, probably stressed and finding it hard to support my children. Not only have I benefited I am able to help others and meeting new people and developing more confidence and learning all the time”

  • The demonstration of need.
  • The difference made to the life of the beneficiary.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are in alignment with our philosophy in how we approach and support those who are disadvantaged.  In essence the 6 values relate with our four pillar approach to change as follows:

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    Here at The REES Initiative, we understand that we are working ‘with’ our communities and not ‘at’ them.

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    Encouraging stakeholders to be actively involved in the success of The REES Initiative, entails everybody who has an interest in the organisation will take time out to listen.

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    At the heart of empathy and listening to disadvantaged communities is to aspire, to give them hope and ambition that circumstances can improve and there are individuals, organisation, agencies and a range of structures that will help them.

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    The backbone to The REES Initiative is our ability to lead not just others but ourselves to realise potential.

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    Without belief in our beneficiaries, regardless of their personal circumstances or disadvantages they may face, then the delivery of services and projects becomes nothing more than a paper exercise

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    In achieving sustainability, The REES Initiative, understands we have to create a sense of personal responsibility in the beneficiary, to want to take the required steps towards positive change or advancement.

Our Philosophy

The REES Initiative was established to address the needs of disadvantaged communities through a simple structured approach that is inter-connected, thereby not delivering a project silo construct, instead a systems whole approach to personal growth. The methodology is captured in the organisations name, using a four tier principled approach to supporting communities. Our services and projects are designed and delivered to be aggressive and innovative, tailored to meet the needs of individuals and groups to implement progressive change. 

Our Partners


The REES Initiative works closely with local community leaders and volunteers to reach populations in insecure locations.

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